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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Inequality in Ahwaz By: Zeinab Abdel Hamid

Inequality in Al- Ahwaz
Every day Ahwazi Arabs are dealing with inequality. They are being mistreated in schools, hospitals, government offices, and work. Social inequality originates from discrimination, prejudice, and stereotypes. Discrimination and stereotypes have done a great deal of damage to the Arab population in Al-Ahwaz. Social inequality can cause people to not have the proper education and to have less job opportunities. Many Ahwazi people live below the standard of living; they live in the worst type of poverty.
Social inequality comes from stereotypes; these stereotypes are labels that Arab people are called to degrade them. Discrimination has caused many people to suffer as well because they do not get hired in every job. Fewer jobs are available for Arabs as a result of social inequality. If an Arab applied for a job, and a Persian applied for the same job; the employer would most likely pick the Iranian person. Even if they do get a job, they get a regular job, and they work for minimum wage. Someone’s racial background can determine how they are treated in Al-Ahwaz. This has made numerous individuals live in poverty. Social inequality is very unfair, because some people live in poverty (the Ahwazis), while others live a life of luxury (the Persians). Some employers do not hire someone because of their race, this is an unfair treatment. There are people that work very hard, and love the work they are in, but they are at a disadvantage because they are Arab. When people get low paying jobs, they do not go to the doctor when they suffer from an illness. With the rising cost of medicine, a small percentage of the Ahwazi people can afford paying for all their medical needs.
Another problem that destroyed the Arab population is that Ahwazi people get less educational opportunities. The reason for that is that they are oppressed; they cannot fight for their basic rights. They do not have the same opportunities that the Persians have. Families of Arab decent prepare their children to be faced with racism at school, because they are very likely to have someone bully them or mistreat them because they are Arab. When a person especially a child goes to school, they want to be in a safe environment. If the child feels that they are being mistreated by their instructor or other students; they would most likely not enjoy going to school. Some people do not realize what the consequence of quitting school does to their future. When they quit to escape the unfair treatment, they put themselves at a great disadvantage compared to other groups in the society. In today’s society someone without an education cannot achieve their goals. First of all, a person with no or low education is looked down upon. Another problem that they face is that they cannot find a permanent job that pays well when they do not have an education.
As a final note, everyday people are aware that their rights are being taken, but there is not much they can do. The problems that a society faces do not get solved in a day or two. It takes time, and plenty of time for situations to change. The people of Al- Ahwaz need media attention, the whole world should know that there are over 8 million Arabs living under the Iranian regime. If we turn a blind eye on the way these Arab people are suffering soon there would be no trace of any Arab in Al-Ahwaz. The Persians are killing Arabs for no reason or any evidence of criminal activity. The Persians are killing Ahwazi people so there would be no trace of Ahwazis, and the land would stay for them.
Zeinab Abdulhamid

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