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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Remembrance by:Maryam Abdulhamid

In memories of our martyrs, people who lost their precious lives in
the battle for freedom. Heroes, and heroines who lost their lives just because they did not want to live under oppression, they wanted to live a decent life but faced death upon fighting for their rights.  The number of innocent individuals who dedicated their precious life, are increasing day after day, I wonder: “is there an end to this unfair killing?” The Iranian regime killed our innocent people, they are not considered dead, they are alive, and should be kept alive.” And reckon not those who are killed in Allah's way as dead; nay, they are alive (and) are provided sustenance from their Lord” Quran: al-Imran 3:169
They were punished to death not because they were criminals, the cause of their death was not an accident, they have died just because they were opposing the wrong deeds of the Iranian regime, or simply because they wanted to support their family in noble ways. Just because they were owners of lands that the Iranian government conquered by force, and certainly the owner of property would not like to lose ownership of the land, fighting for their land is one reason for their death. Another way that the regime kills those innocent people is by convicting them of crimes that they did not commit. Again I ask myself, is race something that we can control? They get killed based on their race! Just because they are Arabs, I wonder if there is any place over the whole world “other than Iran” that condemns innocent people by their race, language, religion and cultural beliefs. The answer to most of these questions would be no, then there should be a way to stop all these killings, and torturing that our nation faces from the brutal Iranian regime. The most important thing we can do is defending ourselves, and keeping the martyrs alive by following their path.  They are the source of our pride, and strength, every dot of their blood should be remembered, a story to tell other generations. To get their  innocent souls satisfied in the other life, we should not do something that disgrace them, we should arm ourselves with their ideas, and make their dream which is the freedom of al Ahwaz, come true.  Life did not stop with the death of one innocent person, it would not stop with the death of thousands either, but it is the time to make a change. It is time to show the tyrants that we do need to enjoy life, and live a peaceful life and be respected. Pursuit of happiness if a natural right that is guaranteed by the laws that were set by the Human rights. We were born equal; we should always stay the same. In one of our previous gathering that I proudly attended, one of our Syrian brothers spoke, and his speech would always stay in my memory. His speech was very critical, and in a part of his speech he mentioned that we have to help each other by starting from somewhere, he said “don’t wait for others to help you out, build communities, manage stores, have your own bakeries, and the most important part of his speech was about getting education which I in turn emphasize too.  I found it necessary to stress out this fact that “education” is indeed the safest, and strangers way to fight with enemies (the Iranian regime), and to take back the stolen land, and the deprived rights. When we are educated, we can fight for our rights, our voices would be heard, and by then we can discuss our issues with others around the world.

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