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Monday, June 9, 2014

Ahwazi citizens called to surrender themselves with false charges of “Altasann”

Ahwazi marshes deliberately drained by Iranian oil companies

Ahwazi Democratic Popular Front (ADPF) has knew from trustable recourses for the issuance of orders by Iranian intelligence service, to call several Ahwazi people accused of media activities against the Islamic Republic of Iran by promoting Wahhabism and insult the Islamic sanctities, as intelligence service claim.
All Ahwazi citizens has refused the charges against them and stated that Iranian intelligence service wants to put more stress to them and their families

The names of Ahwazi citizens are as follow:
1) Tawfigh Maghtuee Zadeh
2) Bagher Alami from Zarghan city
3) Haidar Sayahi from Ahwaz capital
4) Ja’afar Sayahi from Ahwaz capital
5) Hamed Sayahi from Ahwaz capital
6) Ali Hazbeh from Ahwaz capital
7) Hossein Salmani Pour from Zarghan city
8) Mohammad Moghatei from Zarghan city
9) Reza Rafi’I from Zarghan city
10) Adel Fe’eli Pour from Ahwaz capital
11) Mansour Askari from Zarghan city
12) Esam Zarghani from Zarghan city
13) Sabah Moslemi from Zarghan city
14) Mohammad Askari from Ahwaz capital
15) Rahim Zerghani from Zarghan city
16) Saeed Anjouri from Ahwaz capital
17) Jasem Askari from Ahwaz Capital
18) Abdullah Sheber from Shebyesheh area
19) Zeya Zarghani from Zarghan city
The sources also quoted that in the event of defendants not to extradite themselves, Persian occupation forces will raid the homes of suspects and detain women and children and elders from them.
It is noteworthy that all mentioned Ahwazi citizens above believe they are vouching their families and their arrest will make family poor, and some of them passes in critical health condition and staying in the hospital after their release from prison of previous time.
Ahwazi Democratic Popular Front (ADPF) has got the accused citizens summons and their sentences from so-called Islamic revolution court.
It is worth mentioning that this decision was released over a month ago and still Ahwazi citizens names mentioned in this document are hidden themselves, for fear of being detained by the occupied Persian authorities and implementation of the ugliest crimes against them.

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