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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Martyrs by:zeinab abdulhamid

This day we mourn all the innocent souls that are no longer with us,
we pray for them, and wish that god bless their innocent souls. They live in paradise, and we are left on this earth without them. We are left with our pain, because losing a loved one hurts very much; especially if the person is unjustly killed. Mothers suffer the most because they bring children in this world to see them grow before their eyes, and in one day they lose a loved son. This poem is a conversation between a martyr and his mother:
A mother’s heart is broken when she does not see her son.
All the nights she stayed up, teaching him, helping him, all these nights are gone. In her dreams he tells her don’t worry mother, do not shed a single tear for I have become a martyr. Remember mother how you taught me my values, you taught me to speak the truth even if it means angering others. You see mother, I am a threat to them, my crime is speaking the truth, and my crime is teaching others about their history and their past. My crime is practicing my religion; my crime is wearing my traditional clothing. When I was in prison, they told me I should do as they say, they fabricated videos of me confessing crimes I did not commit; to them I am a “threat” to mankind, and for this I shall die. They told me in your final days you will experience the worst types of torture, and when you die we would not let your family see your dead body. I told them I do not care what you do to my body because I already planted the seeds of knowledge in the brains of so many of my people. Do not worry mother, because I am not suffering anymore, but I am worried bout you. I am worried that you would be sad for losing me, but I want to tell you that you did not lose me so raise your head high between your people and tell them my son got killed for a reason. In the lonely nights think of me for I would be watching you from heaven and smiling at your beautiful face. In your prayer pray that those that killed me would not rest, and in the Day of Judgment they would be judged. They would be burned in hell for all they have done to my people.

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