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Monday, June 9, 2014

Ahwazi marshes deliberately drained by Iranian oil companies

On second June 2014, in a meeting with the deputy governor of the
Ahwaz city,
Mohammad Reza Shamsaii the Executive Director of the Iranian Ministry of Water and Energy, Criticized that oil exploration operations that are currently underway on the Ahwazi marshes and especially in the "Horalazim" marshes caused to the drying of large parts of international marshes where this can contribute to the pollution of the environment and the destruction of the entire region as well as change of the ecosystem in the future of Ahwaz region
Shamsaii in his statement, which was published by "Khoz news" agency accused oil companies and their exploration projects, that they are deliberately draining Ahwazi marshes, to facilitate drilling operations for oil exploration and that they are seeking to preserve the land surrounding by oil wells to be dry, in order to prevent the water not mixed with oil wells where we will see a natural disaster affecting the region and harm the safety of the population and their future.
Shamsaii added that before the start of exploration projects it had been scheduled that draining of the marshes, marsh‘s water to be transferred in the rivers where can be used for other purposes, including agricultural, but after the changing energy minister, called "Zangana" opposed the idea of transferring water to the river.
The Khoz news agency reported that Shamsaii after over four months since his inauguration in this post has taken silent and did not take any attitude toward the Karoun’s water transfer to the central cities of Iran.
Ahwazi revolution’s media center confirms that, this is a few criminal policies practiced by the Persian regime occupier against the people of the Al-Ahwaz.
These are statements that come sometimes from officials in the government, could be the best evidence for Human Rights defenders to judge Iran in International courts.