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Monday, October 14, 2013

The rise of cesarean surgeries among Arab women

In almost every country in the world couples get to decide on how
many children they want to have. This is their basic rights as human beings, to be given a choice, and to decide for their selves. From the beginning of human kind we were born to reproduce. Long ago each family had at least seven or eight children. Why do they have so many children?  The survival of the children would benefit the parents, and the population of a certain group.

When a group of people go to war, most likely the people are going to have more children to carry their name. Al-Ahwaz is a country that has been occupied by Iran since 1925. The Iranians have a plan though; to make the Arabs have fewer children. They have been going through with this plan for a while, and they cover their tracks very well. They do not want the Arabs to be a big population, so it would be easier to control them, and to keep them under the Iranian regime.
Long ago women would go into labor in their homes; usually an experienced midwife would help the women deliver their babies. As more people became aware of modernization, women started to deliver their babies in hospitals that are close to where they live. Unfortunately when Arab women go to the hospital; they do not get the same treatment as Persian women. First of all, a woman would get beaten by nurses if she screams while delivering her baby. Another thing that is unbelievable, Arab women hear insults from nurses, and from other patients in the hospital. This situation puts fear in the heart of many women. Some do not want to go to the hospital, because they do not want to be insulted or be mistreated.  Those women want their children to be alive. There were many cases in the past where the doctors did not pay attention, and either the mother’s life or the child’s life was lost during the delivery. Discrimination is very well known in hospitals in Al Ahwaz. If the nurse is Persian, she would take care of a patient if she was Persian like her; On the other hand, if the patient was an Arab woman she would be neglected, and not cared for in the best possible way. Arab women get neglected even in private hospitals.

Another thing that Doctors take advantage of is, when women lack knowledge about their health. They would tell her she cannot deliver her baby unless she undergoes cesarean surgery also known as “C-section”. If a woman chooses this method, she can only have three children, and then she would have to have another procedure called tubal ligation. With many women undergoing such procedures, there is a decline in the Arab population in Al Ahwaz. Many women do not know that they have another choice other than the C-section. The reason for that is the doctors do not want the patient to know that she can deliver her baby without surgery. After all, this is exactly what the Persians want, to slowly erase all traces of the Arab population.

Unfortunately many Arab women got mistreated, and to this day they are being mistreated in hospitals just because of their race. They are sometimes abused physically, mentally, and emotionally. The Persians are using the worst possible tactics to destroy the Ahwazi population. The problem is not many people know about the situation that is happening to the Ahwazi women.
Zeinab Abdulhamid

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