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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Breaking news: The General Attorney of Mohamareh city was shot today

According to news received by the media Center of the Ahwazi
Democratic Popular Front, this morning the general Attorney of Mohamareh city ((last capital of Alahwaz)) were shot.
 The sources also stressed that when Alireza Bawi "general Attorney of Mohamerah city" was on the way to his work, where an unknown car came closer and start fire to him and he was shot in the head.
There is no exact news that confirms Alireza Bawi’s health conditions where Iranian occupier’s media has confirmed that Alireza has been shot and he is admitted in Alahwaz capital’s hospital and his physical condition is dire.
In recent years occupier regime execute innocent Ahwazi Arab people without any fair trial and even access to lawyer where it made anger among Arabs in particular and other nations in geographic so called Iran in general.
 Iran is second largest country after China in executions according to Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, where they execute all freedom of speeches and oppositions with false accusations like drug dealer and corruptions on earth.