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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Public Invitation - we honor the struggle of Ahwazi women for freedom and liberation

An Ahwazi woman was not absent from the national’s liberation
struggle and were strongly participating in the revolution of non-Persian nations in 1979 in the political geography so-called Iran, as well as strong and effective participation in the national demonstrations that began in the cities of Abadan and Mohammareh and Ahwaz after the victory of the revolution of the non-Persian nations to demand the rights of the Ahwazi Arab people.
Also Ahwazi woman demonstrated, fought and died in glory stand in Mohammareh that known as Black Wednesday massacre committed by the Persian occupation authorities, and continued to struggle through the Ahwazi Women's Union of the Arab front during the war of Iran-Iraq, And also on the fifteenth of April 2005 uprising, she is struggled in all arenas of the national struggle tirelessly and relentlessly.

On this international occasion, and in solidarity with the struggle of Ahwazi women and her national’s sacrifices and struggle for freedom and liberation from oppression and foreign Persian occupation, the Ahwazi Democratic Popular Front branch Canada Calls for a celebration held on this occasion in the Canadian city of Toronto, to stand for respecting and honoring the Ahwazi woman’s sacrifices and to state our position in supporting their legitimate right to freedom and equality.

Sunday March 8, 2015
From 5 pm to 10 pm
For more info please contact below number:

Mansour Shayea

Abo Sophian

Ahwazi Democratic Popular Front

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