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Sunday, March 29, 2015

An Ahwazi protest in front of BBC News Building

An Ahwazi protest in front of BBC News Building
A number of Ahwazi activists protested in front of the BBC news channel (Persian section) in the center of London, against its director’s anti-Arab bias on Tuesday March 24, 2015.
Ahwazi activists being gathered for three hours opposite of BBC building and raised placards and chanting slogans against Iranian officials in this channel.
Also in talk with the BBC English officials, the protestors has mentioned that BBC Persian has been neglected or censored most of the Ahwazi activist news about the Iranian suppression against the Ahwazi Arab nation.
In rare cases, the Persian section of BBC has broadcast news about Ahwaz, either news been distorted or using offensive words such as "Arabic speaker", that is insulted Ahwazi Arab nation.

Al-Ahwaz has been witnessed a significant raise in peaceful anti government demonstrations especially in Ahwaz capital and Mohammareh cities against horrible environment degradation as Al-Ahwaz became most pelleted city in the world, high rate of unemployment and destroying Ahwazi ancient places, but the BBC's Persian except one or two news that incomplete and contains offensive language, has not released any other news.
At this gathering, Arab activists refused to talk to the Iranian in charge of BBC Persian and been accused of anti Arab leader in the BBC Persian.
Ahwazi Arab activists in talk with English official of BBC at the end of demonstration announced that if they are not seen any significant change of anti-Arab policy of BBC Persian, will hold mass demo in front of BBC building.
Ahwazi Democratic Popular Front

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