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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Iranian occupier regime increases it repression against Ahwazi street vendor

After the self-immolation of Younes Asakereh, the Ahwazi Arab
fruit seller whose fruit stall was confiscated by the security forces and the municipal officials which led him to set himself on fire in protest at the confiscation of his fruit stall in Mohamerah, the repression campaign against Ahwazi street vendor has extended to other Ahwazi cities as just few day ago the police forces and municipal officials attacked an Ahwazi Arab vendor in Mahshor city and beaten and assaulted him brutally. 
The Ahwazi Arab human rights activists have reported that in the past few days, the Iranian security forces have severely attacked Ahwazi Arab street hawkers in streets of Mahshor city and completely confiscated their possessions and obliged many of them to pay financial fines.

The reports added that the security forces have arbitrarily bulldozed and removed the goods of the Ahwazi Arab men and women vendors and peddlers who wish to sell food, T-shirts, and other goods unless most of them obtain legal permits for vending in the streets in reasonable fashion.

This indiscriminate and unjustified decision has come as a step to prevent the Ahwazi sellers particularly the Ahwazi Arab women who are forced to become street hawkers in streets and alleys in order to supplement the family finances just to survive when the male relatives lose their jobs and/or are not paid for their work. The security forces have always been misusing the law in an arbitrary manner to extort, suppress and crush the Ahwazi Arabs in all spheres of life, including economic and social life.

Despite multiple sources of economic opportunities in Ahwaz including oil, gas, fishing industry, agriculture and many other industrial sectors but the biased occupying regime has seized on these sources and opportunities by granting them to Persian settlers and systematically excluded Ahwazi Arab from having access to jobs and businesses and even restricted the majority of them who are dependent on agriculture by confiscating their arable lands, limiting water for irrigation, and diverting Karoon River’s water to central Persian regions leaving no economic alternatives for the local Arab people who are forced to vending in the streets striving to meet their daily needs and survive from poverty and hunger under the regime hostile’s policies targeting every Ahwazi Arab.

Ahwazi Democratic Popular Front

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