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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ahwazi political activist Naji sends a message to the British Parliament

Jane Ellison MP
Dear Mrs Ellison

I am writing to you considering a matter of very high
importance, since it’s a matter of life or death of innocent people.
I, myself, is a refugee, who entered the UK since 2007 . I fled Iran when the oppression regime there intensified its brutal oppression against us the (Arab minority) in our land called Ahwaz Or Arabistan, a county in south-west of Iran. As small family with my wife and children , we managed to survive many crises, crises which vary from hiding our self for months and years (paying for local authorities a fortune to turn a blind eye towards us) to suffering a real imprisonment with life threatening torture. So, we are fully aware what does it mean to be a minority inside Iran and you dare to speak your own language or celebrate some of your national occasions!
Unfortunately , our luck of successful fleeing off our original land have not befallen other members of our broad family and relatives, some of them consider sticking to the fatherlands as an honor which could not be compromised under any circumstances. The sad news we have heard now are some of our family have been arrested and sentenced to death merely for taking such kind of pride in their land and tradition. Yes, absolutely for their innocent activities to arrange an Arabic Poem Reciting Festivals, five of them suffering now in an Iranian prison waiting to be executed at any time!
I do not need to tell how distressed times have befallen our small family when we heard the appalling news, and while we are here living in London thinking our horrible times are over! Also how unbearable life becomes when you stand handicapped in front of such imminent family disaster waiting to reap lives of your beloved people.

I am putting such humanitarian case in front of you, Mrs Ellison MP, asking for help to raise it in the British Parliament or the European parliament on the ground of Human Rights. Thus, it might put pressure on the Iranian regime to stop the execution which could be carried out anytime, and reduce the death sentence at least to long life sentence. For even if those convicted had committed crime according to Iranian law, it was not a lethal crime.
The name of the five prisoners who are now inside Iran waiting to be executed:

1-Muhhamad Ali Ammouri
2-Hashim Sha’abani
3-Hadi Rashdi
4-Sayed Jabir Albushawka
5- Sayed Mukhtar Albushawka

I will be great-full if this letter gets access by MR David Cameron and arrange an appointment with you as soon as possible.

I am looking forward to hear from you and thank you in anticipation.

Yours sincerely

Naji Hamid

 Parliament's British response to a message Ahwazi activist Naji

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