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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Execution sentence is the Iran”s last resort to liquidate Alahwazian prisoners

Since the popular uprising broke out in Alahwaz in 2005, the
Iranian regime began to conduct  a systematic liquidation of Ahwazian prisoners by deploying death Sentence as last resort to suffocate the Ahwazian voices.
When the Iranian regime perceived that its agenda has been failed to put out the peaceful resistance of Alahwazian people the Iranian authorities by the help of their deeply flawed criminal justice system began to prioritize the death penalty of Alahwzian prisoners ,amid warnings from the human rights organizations and the amnesty international organization .

Since the Ahwzian uprising, the death sentences and executions are being imposed and carried out on Ahwazian prisoners extensively, after procedures that violate human rights standards.
In the previous years the death sentences are being flung out after grossly unfair trials relying on Confessions obtained under tortures.
Many trail of those Ahwazian victims who sentenced to death failed to meet  the international standards for fair trails , including by using “confessions” obtained under tortures or other ill-treatment as evidence against the defendants .
Some Iranian television stations like press TV continue to broadcast self-incriminating testimonies of Ahwazian detainees even before the opening of a trail, undermining the fundamental rights of defendants to be considered innocent until proven guilty.
Iran regime executed at least 26 Ahwazian people up to now, and more than 20 were estimated to have been sentenced to death, and 5 Ahwzaian human rights activists had death sentences upheld by the court and are at the risk of imminent execution.
These Ahwazian human rights activists prisoners are:
Hashem  Shabani Nejat , teacher, 31 years old, married and has child. Mohammad Ali Amouri  a fishery engineer, single and 31 years old. Hadi Rashdi, chemistry teacher, single and 34 years old.
Rahman  Asakere, chemistry teacher, married and has four children, 33 years old.  Seyd Jaber Alboshoke ,acollage student, single and 23 years old and his brother  Seyd mokhtarAlboshoke , married and has child, 24 years old.
The amnesty international organization urged Iranian authorities to impose an immediate moratorium to quash the death penalty against these innocent and peaceful human rights activists from khalafabad city of Alahwaz, following the broadcast confessions given while reportedly being tortured in pre-trial detention.
We as Ahwazian human rights activists are in a dire concern on the above-mentioned human rights and cultural activists of khalafabad city of Alahwaz  whose their life at the stake of  imminent execution. And demanding all human rights organizations around the world to do everything in their authority to stop the Iranian judicial system of executing these innocent men.
In the recent years Iranian regime focusing on the elite and most thoughtful
Ahawzian  figures and allegedly imprisoned and exiled or executed them so as to break the Ahwazian will and deprive them from their fundamental rights in having self-determination right as the same as other occupied countries which take their destiny by their hands after  a prolong fighting against the occupation and oppression of colonialism .
Amnesty international organization opposes the death penalty in all cases without exception , as violation of the right to life and the ultimate cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment .
while Iran’s regime violating of  the human rights are ongoing among the Syria civil war crisis that diverted the entire world eyes on itsonset Arab spring breeze that turned to a something worse than a nightmare for Syrian people who are paying the cost of freedom painfully every day.
Here are some of the Ahwazian names who were killed by execution:
1:Mehdi Nawasri executed on 2006.
2:Ali  Afarwi executed on 2006.
3:Abdolreza Nawaseri executed on 2007
4:Abdullh Abdelhassan Alkkabi executed on 2006.
5:Ali Saeed Almatori executed on 2006.
6:Qassim Alshrif Alsalami executed on 2007.
7:Muhamad  Ali Lefteh swari executed on 2007.
8:Majed Alboughobysh, executed on 2007.
9:Muhamad Lazem Alkaabi executed on 2006.
10: Malek Thamer Altememe, executed on2006.
11: Taha Heydarian executed on 2012.
12:Ali Sharifi executed on 2012.
13:Abbas Heydrian executed on 2012.
14:Ali  Reza Asakere executed on 2006.
15:Khalf  Dehrab Khezeerawi executed on 2006.
16:Amir Gholam Alkaabi executed on 2006.
17:Hossien Alwan Asakere executed 0n 2007.
18:Razi Zerghani executed on 2007.
19:Jafar Lefteh Sawari executed 2007.
20:Abdel Hossien Alhrebi executed on2007.
21:Reysan Hassan Sawari executed on 2007.
22:Khalil Ghateh Alkaabi executed on 2009.
23:Saeed Naeem Seadi executed on 2009.
24: Ahmad Moramezi executed on2007.
25: Zamel Bawi executed on2007.
26:Naser Heyderian executed on 2012.

To be noted that the Iranian judicial authorities have been ratifying the death penalty as last step on innocent Ahwazian people after accusing the Ahwazian prisoners of terrorism –related offences .while the only guilt of these Ahwazian people is that they are struggling to preserve their Arabic identity against Iran  ethnic purification agenda on the Alawazian people who are living under the poverty line and amid the abject misery and the daily  crackdown and racial bias  and ongoing settlement  projects  from Iran occupier authorities.
 In the view of above ,Iran regime is vividly hypocrite and  vampire  because they are claiming for years that they are supporting Palestinian cause but the story on the ground is different because they are executing Ahwazian people in front of the world eyes just because Ahwazian people are demanding for their rights ,so in my humble opinion  I  can dare to say it  that  Ahwazian people and Palestinian  people are in the same boat  with different enemies.

 Written by Rahim Hamid

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