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Friday, January 23, 2015

Ahwazi young man arrested in one of the villages of Al Khafajiyah city

Ahwazi young man arrested in one of the villages of Al Khafajiyah cityTrusted sources confirmed to the media Centre for Ahwazi Revolution that Mr Ali Saddam Al Souwaidi, brother of the Ahwazi activist Adel Al Souwaidi been arrested  in the Al Hajjiyah village of the Khafajiyah city in Al Ahwaz on Sunday 18th of January 2015.
Captive Ali Saddam Al Souwaidi aged 30 years is married and has two daughters whose names Balkis aged 16 years and Shahad aged 7 years, lives in Hajjiyah village and is known for his peaceful political activities and his Sunni religious trends in Khafajiyah city and the villages.
The sources also said that four vehicles belonging to the Persian intelligence forces surrounded Al Souwaidi’s house then raided it and arrested Ali Saddam Al Souwaidi and they seizure and forfeiture of all computers and mobile devices inside the house. 
Sources also said that the occupation authorities tried to arrest Ali Saddam Al Souwaidi's daughter, Balkis, prompting anger simmers in the whole house therefore the girl's grandfather and grandmother forcibly intervened to stop the occupation's force from arresting the girl, Balkis.
 Also the Persian criminality got to the point to try to confiscate the citizenship of one of Ali Saddam Al Souwaidi's cousin who is 7 years old only because her name is Aisha.

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