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Friday, January 23, 2015

Al-Sahran village students in Al Ahwash district are forced to leave school

79 students from Al-Sahran village, one of Al Ahwash (Meenab) district's villages- South of Al Ahwaz- were
forced to leave school as a results of walking on feet for a very long distances to reach to their schools. 
Informed sources said, the Al Sahran village's students in Al Ahwash district whom are 79 students and all of them are in the elementary school were forced to leave school. The decision came after these students and for many years were suffering as a results for not having any school in their village which led them to walk more than 8 kilometer on feet to a neighbouring village to receive their education.
The students parents said: Since 3 years we call the department of education in Al Ahwash District to build a school for our children but we did not hear any response and all of our requests were neglected. They continued: Our children are forced every day to walk for more than 16 kilometer back and forth to one of the neighbouring villages to receive their education. They added: It does not end at this point, but our children crossing of difficult terrain where there are no paved roads to get to school.

There is a need to mention that the occupation state provide teaching staff and schools for the settlements students in the settlements which are located in the rugged mountainous regions of Al Ahwaz when failing to perform their legal obligations toward the Arab people of Al Ahwaz to provide essential and free education. This is a non-humanitarian act, an outstanding and a clear example for the crimes against the Ahwazi Arab people done by this occupying state represents a flagrant violation of divine laws and international laws.
Ahwazi Democratic Popular Front