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Friday, December 14, 2012

Ahwaz ranked first in unemployment and deprivation

The official news agency "Khaneh Mellat" subordinated by the
Iranian Parliament, in a public gathering held on Sunday 11th of November 2012 in Tehran,

Salehi Nasab, the Deputy of the occupying Persian Parliament in Alkhafajieh admitted that Iran income is 85 percent of extracting oil and gas from Ahwazi lands but still Ahwaz suffers from unemployment and deprivation.
He added that occupied Ahwaz has been ranked as the first in the Iranian chart of unemployment and deprivation although it produces 85 percent of the government income from extracting the oil, gas and more than 12 million tons of agricultural products annually. Salehi Nasab demanded the Iranian authorities to reconsider the situation of Ahwaz and attempt to find employment opportunities for young people there.
It is worth noting that every year a number of 12 million ton of agricultural products are extracted from Ahwazi lands, not to mention the oil and gas extraction from its territory, but the Iranian government is still enforces its colonial and aggressive policies over the Ahwazi Arab people displacing them into the Persian territories, pursuing the change of the demography of Ahwaz.

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