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Friday, December 14, 2012

Women behind the scene by: maryam nazari

A friend of mine discussed the role of women in the history,
which made me think about this topic.

Women play a critical role in all aspects of our life. We notice the women’s significant role in shaping the society. With the changes which are taking place in the 20s century, we see women progress all around the world. Their role as successful housewives does not stop them from getting positions in the government, industry, politics, and education … As we have seen women hold higher positions in the political field, and they are known for their higher skills as political leaders.
How about women in Ahwaz, the Arabian oppressed nation? Do we see any equality, similar to the neighboring countries? The answer would be no, unfortunately women and men and children in Ahwaz are suffering from inequality, discrimination, and so much more. Women have fought for their right in many countries including the developed countries. Women in Ahwaz did not get the attention they deserve, as of the time our land got occupied until now; women have been the victims of local and national violence. As every woman in the history defended her territory, home, family and country; Ahwazian women did their best to support the revolution against the Iranian regime. As a mother, sister or wife they supported their sons, brothers, fathers to continue this process of liberation from the Iranian regime. They have also been the innocent prisoners that struggled to fight for their right for freedom of speech, freedom of religion, their rights to education, and rights to pursue a happy life.
My last words for all men and women in Ahwaz who endangered their life fight for recognition, to share an image, deliver information or spread news; and also for individuals who take from their precious time to do something for our country “my words would not be enough to appreciate your efforts”.

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