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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Poverty and hardship in Alahwaz : Maryam Abdulhamid

We can define poverty as the deficiency in the basic necessities of life. In fact, and to make it simple enough to understand, we can say that poverty is lack of food, shelter, and not having a good healthcare system. Poverty is the inability to attend school, and failure to get a job. Powerlessness and suppression also relates to poverty in a way or another. In Al-Ahwaz, where a large number of its population is struggling to survive, poverty is frightful, common, long-lasting and destructive. 

Under the Iranian occupation and since 1925, Iranian national strategies are not relevant to poverty reduction and they even stress the upsurge of poverty in the Arab neighborhoods of Al-Ahwaz. Currently, in Al-Ahwaz, poverty is affecting more than 90% of the citizens. The Ahwazi community is suffering from the extreme need of necessities of life, and it has been seen obvious in every corner of major streets of the capital city of Al-Ahwaz and the surrounding towns and villages. In every corner of the streets of Al-Ahwaz, the elderly is begging for money, the young generations are jobless, and children are selling cigarettes and gums. The sick person can’t afford seeing the doctor, and children can’t afford attending school, this is if there was a school in their district.
The condition of houses, buildings, schools, shopping centers etc., is not better than the standard of living in Alahwaz. All cities and villages in Al ahwaz are neglected, nothing is renovated.  Alahwaz is known for being the hottest area during the hot summer days, but usually winter is very short, and it would pass by without causing natural disasters.  Even though Alahwaz is not known as a land of disasters, little rain could cause floods in the streets affecting poor and rich areas.  Many of us have noticed the pictures of flooded streets in many areas in Alahwaz, even in richest areas, (let alone the damaged poor areas which became worse after the rain and flood) on Ahwazi websites, personal weblogs and social pages such as YouTube and Facebook, reflecting the flood that hit Alahwaz in November, 2012  . By all being said, I want to draw the attention of all individuals concerned about the health and wellness of citizens living in Alahwaz. I have pasted a picture of the flooded area, as well as the original source, where you can find more pictures.    

         Maryam Abdulhamid