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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Derive or Divide : athar eaqob

There is a huge difference in the definition of the two words
“derive” and “divide” but unfortunately it has always been faulty understood among people and my nation is not an exception. As an Ahwazi individual, I have always witnessed the argument of “I don’t believe in politics” among Ahwazi refugees and immigrants and have always been amazed of this face, that the argument always ends up in one person dropping the conversation, just before their thoughts meet in its mutual point, claiming that they don’t like being pushed into politics, advertised by politicians and so on.

At first I must say that I have successfully gone through this conversation many times, and here is the trick. I start asking the person about the mutual points that we believe in, and in the end of the conversation, let him or her decide on which side he/she is standing and to which party he/she is leaning more, skipping the whole argument. In a conversation, especially when you know that you have a lot in common, it is essential to assure a partnership feeling with that person at the beginning of your argument and then explain in which skills you differentiate and how positive this difference is and how it can help a person and his/her people in general.

It is very interesting to know that since we derive from the same roots and the same culture, language, history, nationality, race, region…etc, we just can’t claim separation from each other because, and very simply, we are not divided but only diverged from the same source. Now people don’t necessarily have to be politicians to believe in their patriotic feelings towards their oppressed nation or occupied country, since these feelings exist without saying, but being able to proceed in what they were planning as their life plan and be successful in it without denying their origins, is exactly what is expected of them by their people and themselves.

In the end, and in a general look at all the Ahwazi immigrants and refugees all over the world in order to understand the real reasons behind their displacement, we can conclude these things: occupation, oppression, starvation …. None of these speak of welfare or comfort. When at the bottom of it, it comes down to these horrible facts then we should really be focusing on the things we have in common to achieve unity.

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