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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The new world order and us ! By:Layth Zargani

No denial that the middle east is changing in every single moment
that we are spending in our lives , and as far as we can see , these changes have been an urgent requirements for the new world order .

The observer of the Middle East affairs will notice that some countries over there are composed from mixed ethnics such as Iraq and Iran .

Iraq already preceded the region by an military intervention to rid it of a dictatorial regime . Some ethnics of Iraq has reached Their required rights which they were fighting for , such as Kurds , and some others will get their rights soon , after they started to ask for them in a federalism system , like Iraqi Sunnies .

But the situation in Iran is much more complicated . Because the current geography of Iran is  formed from more than 5 different ethnic groups , such as persians , Kurds , Azaries , Balouchs , and finally Ahwazi Arabs .

The very interesting thing is that every single ethnic in Iran is looking for their right to self-determination , and each ethnic group began to build their own society , and prepare for the next step which is building their own countries .

In this situation and according to the changes in Middle East , there is no way for the iranian regime to survive and stay untouched by the changes happening ,  for more than a few years
Thats why my advice for the people who are  building their plans on the basis of the survival of Iran , is that they should be prepared to change their plan before its too late .

Because the division of Iran is the perfect solution that the non-Farsi ethnics in the current geography of Iran , are calling and preparing for . And this is also will be the best situation for our allies and friends in western countries to remove this Islamic republic of Iran , without using a single bullet , by supporting the demands of these ethnic groups in Iran .

( Politically , this will lead the region into a stable position , Through the formation of several allied countries for the West ,  to support the stability of the region and its peace , Instead of a dictatorial Islamic regime which threatens the demise of Israel and ignite wars in the region . )

In another view , particularly economical view , we are ( I mean Ahwazi arabs and other ethnics in Iran ) a ready  companies full of human resources and natural resources that needs a sponsorship to sponsor them to do the orders that the new world order needs them to do .
So the question is : is there any sponsorship for these companies ?