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Monday, March 3, 2014

Environment destruction in Al-Alwaz’s Falahyeh and Ma’ashoor cities

Ahwazi  Democratic  Popular Front ( Jadsh ) sources in
Ma’ashoor  and Falahyeh cities Spotted  the deliberated destruction of the environment by the authorities of the Iranian occupation in the two cities , by contaminating rivers and marshes and throwing chemical dumps which damaging them , causing mortality of all kinds of animals that feed through those places , such as fish and birds  
It is worth to Mentions that Iran occupied proceeded to destroy all signs of life and marginalization areas inhabited by non- Persian peoples, particularly Al-Ahwaz, beginning from the theft of oil passing through the drying Karoon river, ending with the destruction of the marshes and rivers in agricultural areas in Mashoor and Flaheyeh
The Iranian authorities keeps on ignoring all human right violation where there was chemical leakage from Ma’ashoor chemical  company which results of dying thousands of Aquatics last year.
The  Ahwazi  Democratic  Popular  Front ( Jadsh)  Certainly condemns this work and added it to the  occupier’s  crimes  in order to Prosecute Iran by international courts