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Monday, March 3, 2014

Scream and fight of the gallows Non-Persian young to see his mother
In a video released on the Internet and the social networks show that the death of a young from Karaj’s Zour Abad region on 26 February 2014. 
But the shocking issue of the death scene was a young cries to meet his mother. The young man after was taken on the podium, he shouted that wants to see his mother.
Disregarding the officers and officials to demand led to this young man attacked them.
Young ‘s demand to see his mother severely increased so that the bracelet tied on back of his hands broken and he beat and kicked the officers and soldiers below.
After that, the officers stormed on young man, laid him on the ground, then they handcuffed him and forcibly took the podium and he was hanged.
No report on youth crime and the reason for his death have been published.
Death sentences and its implementation in Iran always followed by protests from human rights organizations and defenders.
The UN has warned the surge rise of execution in Iran where Iran is second country in world after china by mean of drag accusation where Iranian authorities use it to crackdown the voice of freedom fighter.
On June 2012 Iranian authorities has executed innocent three brothers and their cousin and in December 2013 also executed 4 persons from Falahyeh without prior notice to their lawyer and families which is against human right law.
 Recently  secret execution  has been raised where occupier has executed Hashem Shaabani  and Hadi Rashidi on January 2014 where they have been moved to unknown  place on December 2013.
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