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Sunday, March 9, 2014

International Women’s Day by:Kholoud Ali

International Women’s Day by:Kholoud Ali
International women’s day is a day where we  women’s political, social and economic achievements around the world, in history and now. It is a day where we remember the struggles women went through in their daily lives and for their rights.
It began on March 8th 1914 where the UN began celebrating this occasion, which is now being continued in the tradition of people’s lives.
We Ahwazi women have been through a lot of complications within political, social and cultural situations, and we still seem to build ourselves up by standing beside our fathers, brothers, husbands and children. We do this to become equal, to become one strong family where there is an understanding within  and rights, where there is peace within our streets, neighbourhood and community.
So congratulations to all  around the world, including Ahwazi women, whom have fought for peace and dignity.

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